Snuggly pajamas, midnight snacking and murders by Gabrielle Cestone, assistant entertainment editor

“Senior Sleepover” left everyone in the town hall laughing and on the edge of their seats. The eighth grade drama class performed the play during both the middle school and high school town halls on January 11th. The original play written by the class was centered around a night spent at school with cliques and a murder mystery.

“We had been doing improvs in my eighth grade drama class for a while about murder mystery plays. We were really interested in performing a play at the middle school town hall. The kids were so excited about it that they wanted to do it for the high school as well. I thought the performance was very successful and I’m so proud of my class,” said Mr. Petrotta, eighth grade drama teacher.

The drama class has been working on different techniques such as projection, stage presence, and adding intention to text. They worked together to write the original play within the past few weeks. It was intended to be a satire play, making fun of cliques and portraying ‘wise-guy’ attitudes of teenagers.

“I really enjoyed performing in the play. I feel like the middle school audience paid less attention and were more disruptive, but I think both the middle school and high school enjoyed the performance,” said Sara Doran, eighth grader.

Many students enjoyed the middle school performance and its comical humor.“There was a lot of humor throughout the play, I liked how they made it up themselves.” said Maya Solkoff, 7th grader. “I think the only problem was the audio. They needed to project their voices more and maybe have microphones.”

“I found it hilarious, and the script was very original. The funniest part was when one of the actors faked his death. The way he performed it was really funny,” said Zachary Damasco, freshman. “I enjoyed the show, I thought it was really well done!”


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