Sophomores may think it’s all fun and games this year, but Mr. Lumetta sought to change their points of views while attending the sophomores’ Road to College workshop.

As the year ends and the most important year of high school looms on the horizon, sophomores realize the obstacles that will be facing them.

“I think Mr. Lumetta’s message was to take our education seriously because it will reflect when we write our college papers,” said Sal Pitino, sophomore.
“The most important thing I learned is that doing activities outside of school such as sports, tutoring and volunteer work can help you in getting an advanced regents diploma, as well as taking AP classes,” said Leslie Granados, sophomore.
Sophomores are aware of what is expected of them next year. They realize that it will all come to together in the end and their hard work will soon pay off when they get those acceptance letters from colleges of their choice.
“I was happy with the turn out but would always like to see more people. Their hard work will pay off when a college pays them to go to their school,” said Mr. Lumetta.


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