Pressure to go to College by Kiana Douby, staff reporter

College is extremely beneficial for our future, helps us learn a numerous amount of new concepts and includes a lot of work that helps us in our life after we graduate and continue onto our dream profession. College is a perceived to be a place that is very different from high school and is not needed for our future to succeed. College is an extremely stressful journey, and making it through the stress can be difficult but it is definitely worth it. The pressure to go to college doesn’t affect everyone, but there is definitely pressure to succeed in everyone.

“I have been pressured to go to college from my family. To deal with this pressure I am currently trying to find out more information so I can know what I am dealing with. I believe that all kids are pressured to go to college”, says junior, Elisabeth McKee.

The pressure to succeed occurs through family members, friends and everyone around us. Maybe kids have an older sibling that is successful in school and in their profession. Those kids might be pressured to be as successful as their older sibling by their parents. We might be pressured from all our friends who are successful with grades and personal achievements. Pressure to succeed can come from anywhere and that leads to the pressure to go to college.

“I have been pressured to go to college from my parents and society. I realize that it is for a good reason. Of course I think high school students are put under pressure especially our school since its a college board school”, says junior, Stacy Kalamaras.

College is a wonderful experience that is beneficial to life and even though we may
be pressured into going, remember there is always a reason for something. College is the place that could define that reason. So the next time we are pressured to go to college, just deal with the pressure, because it might be stressful now, but it’s definitely going to help us in the long run.



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