The Juniors have been chosen by Kiana Douby, staff reporter

The juniors took part in a Community Service Project with Mr. Sosa to help clean up the school. Between 14 to 16 students were assigned a day and a teacher to help in their classroom during the week of May 14-18. If the students wanted more days for more community service credit, they were given the option to do so.
“The community service project is a ‘win-win’ situation. The teachers and the school get some much needed help in cleaning up some of the mess that has built up over this and previous school years while students get a chance to reconnect to their school environment and earn volunteer hours which looks good on any college or post high school resume,” global history teacher Mr Sosa said.

“The purpose of this project to me is to clean the classrooms and undo the things that we did not do. The kids who are known for doing this from the start, I blame them. I feel like this punishment is the right punishment but its too many of the wrong people doing it,”  junior Elisabeth McKee, a participant in this project said.

Despite the students’ complaints, the job was completed.

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