An engineering experience at QCC, by Anthony Drew, website management

Mr. Sacher brought a group of juniors and seniors from his engineering class on a field trip to Queensborough Community College on the last week of March and the first week of April. The students got to work with the QCC students of Professor Nombar’s engineering class.Students from Mr. Sacher’s engineering class were given the option of coming so that they could learn how to use the lego robotics equipment. On a date to be determined, students are going to teach the class how to use the lego robotics equipment and use the experience working with the QCC students to help the class.

Students from QCC were excited to work with high school students. The two trips to Professor Nombar’s class gave the group of students a different view of engineering. The group modified and programed the robots to play a two round, two on two soccer game.

QCC student David Palumbo said, ”Working with high school students today was a new experience that helped improve classroom atmosphere. It was nice to be able to work with a different group of students.”

“I think the QCC trip was a big success because the students got to know the application of science’s logic and feedback mechanism. The students were motivated and made the college students motivated into this experience,” Engineering teacher Mr. Sacher said.

“I thought I was gonna have a fun time on the trip, I was very excited to go to the college and learn about robotics from the students,” junior Thomas Debonis said.

After the students ate lunch they were given a presentation from a staff member of QCC about how to choose a college. The group of juniors and seniors were told about QCC’s history about the grounds and donations towards the medical section. Students were told about the credit requirements of a two year college and its transfer process.

Some of the good reasons for coming to this college are the college’s ethnic diversity percentage of 1% american/Alaskan Native, 21% asian/Pacific islander, 25% Black/ non-Hispanic, 24% Hispanic, 22% White/non-Hispanic, 7% Non-Resident Alien and 0% Race/ethnicity unknown , which is one of the most diverse in the country, and their strong nursing program.

After the last class for the field trip, a staff member gave the students who stayed behind a short tour around some parts of the campus. They let the students see some of the grounds, equipment and landmarks at Queensborough community college. Mr. Sacher’s group was even given a tour around the medical section of the science building where they were shown the nursing program. Attendees were also given permission to see the technology building’s roof to see its solar panels.

“This trip helped me take a look at the college. I like the large campus, it is appealing to me,” Debonis said.


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