Graduation readiness is being tested in June by Nancy Panagiotopoulos, staff reporter

Regents week is around the corner. Stress, anxiety and studying will begin to overwhelm students. Year round lessons were organized to prepare them for this long state exam. These exams are made to test students’ content knowledge of particular subjects.

New York State requires a certain amount of Regents for graduation. Requirements every student needs at the end of 12th grade to graduate are: 1 math,1 science,1 English,and 2 social studies. If the requirements are not fulfilled seniors can graduate and move on to college according to the New York State Department of Education.

“So far I’ve passed all my Regents, but I’m still really nervous for the Earth Science Regent in June,” sophomore Aliki Daviotis said.

In order to succeed, study the notes taken in class, take practice tests online and make sure to check answers, or go buy a Regents Barron’s book from any nearby bookstore.


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