College for High Schoolers

by Chelsea Mesa, opinion editor

Spending junior summer out on Queens College Campus was quite the experience. While the Summer sun was high in the sky high school students were already making the first step towards their future. The experience of exploration is what students got after attending the College Now Program at Queens College. There is nothing like earning early college credits during the summer for the total cost of zero.
Senior Andleeb Khushnood said, “The College Now summer course was an experience that has expanded my college experience it has showed me what college was like and also saved me a thousands on course I would have to pay for next year.”
The program this summer consisted of three different social science courses such as Urban Studies, Classic Mythology/Literature, and Drama. Along with these courses there was also a writing class where students were taught how to write seven page college research papers and how to find reliable primary and secondary sources. The College Now program is something that student’s should look into and join. There is no better way for preparing for college.

Senior Bianca Rosemburt said, “It was a good new experience because I got to take a college class which I’ve never done before. It taught me that college can be hard but it could also be fun only if you are really interested in the topic you’re studying. For example, I took drama because I enjoyed it alot.”

“Being apart of the College Now program is something I will never forget it was a great experience, my professors were very informative and helpful. I must say studying the Urban Studies college course over the summer was the best thing I did to prepare myself for college,” senior Susan Asadi said.

“I am currently taking another course to earn some more college credit for free. This is an opportunity no student should miss out on,” Rosemburt said.


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