Students create idealism in art

By Ardhys De Leon, staff reporter

Walk into a room perceived to be a math class and become amazed by the sculptures in rows portraying idealism. This is what any student would have experienced if they walked into Mrs. Keane’s 8th period class on October 18th.

Through studying art history and learning basic characteristics of ancient Greek sculptures, Mrs. Keane’s 702 class did a project in which they emphasized idealism through their own sculptures.

“I got to create my ideal person and I got to learn the ways of the Greeks and how they made their sculptures,” 7th grader Brianna Mendoza said.

 In preparation for this gallery walk, 702 focused on ancient Greek sculptures and how the Greeks incorporated idealism in their art. Mrs. Keane’s students then used art clay to create what they believed to be the ideal person.

“It was really fun and it was interesting to learn about perfection and the Greek art. I learned how the Greeks used to make art and as time went by, their art became more symmetrical and proportionate,” 7th grader Chalyeon Lee said.

Mrs. Gildea’s class 703 also participated in this event by attending Mrs.Keane’s class’ presentation and by holding their own art gallery walk on the following day October 19th.

“I created a fashion model because she looked photoshopped and she was very pretty, so I wanted to capture her [true] beauty,” 7th grader Gwyneth Gravador said.

Mrs.Keane has brought the arts back through her art exhibition project. Perhaps in the near future, her other classes will encounter artistry.

 “I would definitely try this with my other classes. My geometry class can very easily do this,” Math teacher Mrs. Keane said.


One response to “Students create idealism in art

  1. Thanks for the coverage! After Thanksgiving the whole school can see a selection of the art we showcased in our gallery in a display case located under the TV between the College Suite and Mr. Jurman’s office!

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