International Feast 2012 – A day of delicious food and gathering

by Peggyfeast Wu, staff reporter

Crisp crunchy leaves scatter on the ground, signaling that the fall season has begun. The light cracking sound of fire with lit candles warm up for the incoming cold,  and decorations of pumpkins make November a month of festivities and gathering.

The International Feast was held on November 21, organized by Ms.Fong’s 8th grade advisory and the Student Ambassadors. The purpose of an International Feast was to gather the WJPS community together and celebrate a variety of food from different cultures and ethnicities. Students from both the middle and high school were encouraged to bring in items such as food, drinks, paper plates, cups, and desserts. These items were essential to make the feast successful.

Aside from making sure everyone gets a plateful of food, traffic control was crucial. Students were directed back into their classrooms after getting their food, to keep the pace more efficient. Being an International feast, food from different diverse cultures were welcomed. Golden baked empanadas, crunchy sushi, cheesy pasta, and BBQ chicken with rice were few of the many foods brought it.

“I thought it went very well this year, and everyone seem to really enjoy the sense of community that we have here” Math teacher, Ms.Keane said.

Store bought and homemade desserts were brought in as well. Chocolate cream , apple , and pumpkin pie were sliced and enjoyed by students. Cannoles, cookies, and even cake were irresistible for the sweet tooth.

“I thought that my first WJPS international feast was exciting because I got to try different types of foods and I got to hang out with my friends during class. It was really fun!”  6th grader Lauren Leto said.

“The feast was fantastic,”  Middle School Assistant Principal, Ms.Poulos said.

The feast was enjoyed by many, along with the delicious food, students were exposed to multicultural traditions.

“I thought that it was very fun because you get to try different food that you never ate before” 6th grader, Leah Tsanbazis said.

Wednesday was a fantastic day for students to relax and get into the festive spirit.

“I thought it was interesting to try different food and fun to talk to friends and meet new people,” 6th grader Isabella Lomonaco said.


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