Still living with nothing

by Chelsea Mesa, opinion editor

The hurricane that left people suffering all across the east coast is still affecting daily life in places like the Rockaways. In New York, there has been tragedy. Issues have come up during the last month or two that have never been anyone’s concern. People in certain areas have nothing, and they have no insurance to back them up. It seems that all this catastrophe isn’t going to disappear anytime soon.

Insurance has been an issue for many residents of the Rockaways coast. Hurricane Sandy has left them with nothing and nowhere to go.
“People are begging for help in every corner of the Rockaways, I’ve been asked at least twenty times a day to do electrical work on houses that don’t even have insurance and are in horrible shape,” Electrical Contractor David Lopez said.

There are families in need of help and people should start helping out more. Insurance companies need to be more giving to the peoples needs. This was a natural disaster that no one had any control over and now, those who were harshly hit have to suffer the consequences of this storm.

“I can’t even live in my own house because it is completely destroyed. There is still five feet of water in my basement. Everyone around me can’t get anything fixed in their houses because they have no money and no insurance to help them out. I’m lucky that I know electricians with licenses so I can have them help me out as far as getting power back. I was never expecting something like this to happen to New York,” Rockaway resident Steve Russo said.

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