The future may not be so bright for students in the United States after all

by Joseph Wolkin, staff reporter

Students are becoming lazier with time. Technology is taking over the educational system which could mean a new beginning for children once they start the process of being educated, especially within the United States.

The United States has a graduation rate of just 77 percent, compared to nations such as Germany, Japan and Great Britain who each have graduation rates over 90 percent, according to the Huffington Post. There are several reasons as to why the country is falling back on education. One part of it has to do with technology.

Technology is taking the country by storm. Even though this is happening in Asia more than anywhere else, the United States takes technology for granted as children, adolescents and even adults are in a war with time. A war may sound ridiculous, but it is the one true term that can describe the events occurring within the human mind.

“They can make more clubs which can help the focus as well as widen the possible fields for a career,” junior Luna Qu said on behalf of what she believes the school needs to get people more educated in a wider area of fields.

People use technology constantly. Education is becoming a secondary necessity for people throughout the nation as they simply aren’t focused on learning anymore.

Looking around at the school, its safe to say that students are getting to be more selfish, more brainwashed and certainly less focused inside and out of the classrooms. People even have a difficult time keeping religious duties due to the extensive use of technology which sadly rules their lives. Withdrawal can even occur at certain points when people stop using their technology for an extensive amount of time, such as when a phone or computer breaks.

“I think that if we had a larger variety of classes and since we do so much on the laptops, especially because we’re a journalism based school, it gives us a better idea of what a real journalist job would be like,” junior Noelle Dimelfi said.

The educational society within the United States is declining as the educational department of the government attempts to compete with other nations.

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the United States has just 42 percent of its citizens to have been involved in higher educational levels which is behind Canada, Israel, the Russian Federation as well as Japan. The country is also behind in attainment percentages. In the past decade, the nation has had an increase of a mere 1.3 percentage points above what it was back in 2000.

Overall, the way the educational system is being run within the United States is mediocre at best. If the government doesn’t advance the way the system is run, it’s likely that the country’s education rating will continue to decline, causing less possible jobs and making the unemployment rate increase.


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