Less than perfect looting

by Sebastian Michalak, staff reporter

Darkness, chaos, misery, hunger, cold, hopelessness and no mercy. All describe the emotion and characteristic of the aftermath of one of the most destructive hurricanes in the history of New York.

Although it seems as if ages had passed since the devastation of Hurricane Sandy hit the New York Area. Of the most directly hit areas, Long Island and Far Rockaway get the top spot for the most damage.

While the damages have been great, it was the aftermath of the hurricane that really had a huge affect on the residents of both neighborhoods. Gas, water and electricity were cut off from homes in Far Rockaway. As little help arrived first, people had to rely on another tactic to gather precious resources to help them live until everything was fixed.
Looting became a huge problems in these areas. People had little choice than to steal from homes, shops and other places such as factories. The people involved ranged from kids, to adults.
Cezary Borchert, a resident in Far Rockaway, has not only seen this happening, but also dealt with it first hand. “It was really tough at first to deal with the fact that everything around me has been destroyed. I do admit that I participated in some “looting” but it was nothing major. Everyone was doing it, so I decided to join in.”

Although it the looting has been looked down upon, for some it was something that needed to be done. Gas, water and electricity was cut off from almost all homes, so people had to gather resources in anyway possible.
“It was pretty disturbing, I have never seen such misery and hopelessness in Far Rockaway,” Borchert said.
Throughout parts of Rockaway, people were literally forced to steal from nearby shops for any food, as there was barely any delivered to the people that needed it the most. Anything from electronics to produce to clothing were affected. It seemed as the whole order of society had been washed away with the hurricane. Residents were amazed at how little they thought of the hurricane and what it has actually turned out to be.
However it was seen, it can be clearly said that the city was nowhere near prepared to really get through this hurricane unscathed. All the damage, and looting really shows how we are vulnerable to small mistakes of underestimating.


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