Disney recreates magic in theatres

by Colleen Fox, entertainment editor

Disney has been back to taking the movie theatres by storm, with re-releasing films in “eye-catching” 3D.
After The Lion King was re-released into theatres for a limited time in order to promote the Blu-Ray release, Disney took notice to the amount of money made at the box office, according to Huffington Post, a mighty $61.7 million in the US alone. It wasn’t at all expected, so Disney, like any great business would do, realized they could keep re-releasing their timeless films.

Earlier this year, both Beauty and the Beast and Finding Nemo entered the theatre for their second time, Beauty and the Beast making $47.6 million and Finding Nemo making $40.8 million in domestic gross, according to BoxOfficeMojo.com. Now with Monsters Inc. out in theatres, it’s almost losing the surprise and the spark that the others have had. Rather than be something that people seemed to look forward to with The Lion King, it’s getting a bit old.

    “I saw Finding Nemo in September and it was nice because I was too little to see it when it first came out. It gave me the chance to see it with my parents in theatres!” sixth grader Brielle Donnelly said.

Other movies have followed Disney’s trend, like James Cameron’s Titanic, and have come back to theatres in “3D,” (which some could argue isn’t really “3D” where things pop out at you, but rather a crystal clear picture). And to some, it more so just seems like a stunt to get more money, with 3D ticket prices skyrocketing to $16.50 per adult ticket at some theatres.
“I don’t think 3D is necessary. Especially that it tends to hurt people’s eyes,” seventh grader Kevin Ramirez said.
From the business outlook on things, Disney has found a goldmine in re-releasing their films in 3D; however, as a moviegoer, it can’t help but be wondered, how many more movies will Disney get away with re-releasing before people get tired of paying $16.50 to see a movie that has been on DVD for 10+ years.
Whether 3D is loved or not, Disney lovers should be on the lookout for Monsters Inc., which was released December 19, (and it’s new prequel, Monsters University being released June 21, 2013) and The Little Mermaid in September 2013.


One response to “Disney recreates magic in theatres

  1. I think it’s amazing to watch the movies, we grew up watching on VHS tapes, on the big screen, in high definition and even on 3D. I think Disney will still have a big profit out of it IF they stay with the classics. Lion King was a success, so was Beauty and the Beat because many people who love them didn’t have the chance to watch it on the movies… but Monsters Inc? …really? Okay, it’s fun, but it wasn’t a big hit and how many people really like it enough to go to the movies AGAIN to watch it? Personally, I just watched it for the first time the other day on Netflix.
    MY advice to Disney is to stay with the classics and you’ll be able to keep doing that for a while.

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