Twisted but true

by Sebastian Michalak, staff reporter

Something has happened to the paradise of our school. What used to be a small friendly community, is now turned into a state of confusion. The state of funding and classes have thrown the students normal life into a tailspin.
One of the main problems that has had come around, is Advisory. Back in the days, students would get together and talk about their issues and how others can possibly help to resolve. Nowadays, people just sit pointlessly in class, and write down things that they liked to do in 2012. No offence, but there has to be a more efficient way to spend 45 minutes then sitting around.
Another class, that has been added into a mix of classes that students do not like very much is Documentary Studies. The name says it all, students sit around and watch documentaries. It might seem like a good idea at first, but many agree that it is a waste of time.
Senior Joseph Cachia said, “ I honestly do not know how someone can fail such easy classes such as Yearbook and what not. The whole idea of these classes and being able to fail is hard to understand. You basically just show up, say a few things, and leave. But if that was a case, why am I negatively affected by this too?”
Many students get distracted, and simply take the class as a joke; therefore, they find themselves failing when they check the grades. It’s classes like these where students view work as not mandatory. Students have other school related issues to worry about, this just adds to the problem.

Over the course of the 2012/2013 school year, the academics are not the only one to bite the dust. The main school courses such as Newspaper, Broadcast and Yearbook have taken a huge set back. Insufficient funding might be the problem, but now it has really put burden on the students.
“We definitely got a setback. Whereas last year we had a daily show, we now only have once a week. It has really been a burden for us,” senior Broadcast member, Samantha Matos said.

Such classes are suppose to really be what this school is about. Journalism. Yet, we cannot fund what we stand for. If the school does not care about its main classes, the students take on the same theory. This could be why a lot of students take majority of their classes as a joke.

Not turning in their work, or even caring about their grades could be a reason why some have a measly “20” grade average’s.
In any case, the mess that has been made has certainly created a negative effect on the students that want to do the best they can, but feel like they don’t have to. With spring quickly coming along, students will have to pick up their studies, and just go with the flow.

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