Hurricanes Irene and Sandy: A sign of things to come

Hurricane Sandy above the East Coast. Photo courtesy of

Hurricane Sandy above the East Coast. Photo courtesy of

by Oliver Lataste, staff reporter

Hurricanes Irene and Sandy rocked the east coast, leaving it devastated. It seems that strong hurricanes are going to be more common; Floridians are already used to them. New Yorkers will have to become used to hurricanes now, too.
According to, this is a pattern that should be noticed before it’s too late. Governor Andrew Cuomo should take note of what happened in the two hurricanes to help preparations from future hurricanes.

“[Governor Andrew Cuomo] should definitely prepare more for natural disasters and sea surges,“ English teacher Mr. Cross said.

New York City might be in trouble, should what Professor Charles H. Greene at Cornell University says is true: “Not necessarily increasing the total number of hurricanes, but increasing the number of strong ones. It is also making our mega cities near sea level much more vulnerable.”

Not only do these hurricanes affect the East Coast, they can affect cities worldwide. “We can expect more stronger hurricanes worldwide and higher storm surges, especially as sea level rises.”

With the glaciers melting, our climate is going through a rapid change and we should adapt to the world while trying to find a way to decrease emissions. If any city could do it, it’s New York.
Greenhouse gases may be increasing the frequency of strong hurricanes. So New Yorkers should reduce emissions and prepare for the safety of New York City.


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