Masked middle schoolers dance the night away

by Katherine Capulong, staff reporter

Middle schoolers celebrated Valentine’s Day in a masquerade dance on February 13th.  The girls put on pretty dresses and the boys bore collars around their necks. They were offered masquerade masks on entrance to the dance and one boy even broke out a pirate hat.
The masquerade theme was inspired by Mardi Gras, and was evident in all of the decorations and masks.  The PTA fundraiser brought out the fashionistas in many of the students.  Bodycon dresses, button down shirts, empire waists, tiered skirts, and sequins all made an appearance that night.
“Some of my friends coordinated outfits,”  seventh grader Katie Mihalios said.

The gym was decorated with paper portrayals of the masks that adorned the students’ face.  The music was loud, and a seating area was provided in one corner of the gym. The PTA sold snacks, pizza and ice cream as well as setting up for it for a noble cause.

“We did this to raise money for the school, bring the kids together. It’s an opportunity for everybody to hang out and have fun,” PTA member Linda Post said.

The PTA, teachers, and administration chaperoned the dance, even joining it for a song or two.  The music was loud, current and appropriate for the event.  Party songs like “The Cupid Shuffle,” “Gangnam Style,” and “Cha Cha Slide” were played, as well as chart toppers like One Directions’ “What Makes You Beautiful” and Justin Bieber’s “Beauty and a Beat.” A few older songs made appearances as well like “Birthday” by the Beatles.

“This [music] is Z100, KTU, what kids are listening to right now,”  said the DJ for the school dance, Chicago Joe.

The school gym was pumping with energy and bass.  Many students conveyed their appreciation and appreciation of the dance.

“It’s pretty cool.  It seemed like a nice opportunity to be with the whole grade,” seventh grader Ashley Gadoy said.


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