Achieving is not believing, it’s studying

by Peggy Wu, staff reporter

Studying may not be the most desirable or exciting thing to do, but it is essential and pays off when a higher grade is earned. With all the technology in our lives along with other factors, they can be a negative form of distraction.

Here is a helpful checklist when forming a productive study group from Duke University
– Allow only 3-4 members per group
– Meet at least once a week and make sure to stick with the schedule
– Prepare before the study session to set a goal of what the group with cover and accomplish

Taken from the Academic Resource Center

1. Unless your brain is a memory machine, don’t cram all your class notes all at once
2. Have a study plan that is set up by you, and works with your daily schedule. Stick with the study plan and create a flow
3. Study with a friend, not at the living room in front of a tv , but at a quiet place like the library
4. Start with the most difficult subject or topic. When doing so, your full energy and attention will be directed towards the topic, leaving the rest easier topics a breeze towards the end
5. Set a mental goal for yourself . Keep these three factors in mind: Flexibility, Realistic, and Achievable.


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