Consistent alterations could hurt a nation

by Chelsea Mesa, opinion editor

The time has come in history where technological advancements are part of a mutual system of common life. Technology has grown at an impeccable rate. Throughout the past decade, technology has grown to be something that many families in America could not live without because of the way citizens have adapted to this advanced environment. Technology has built itself to be some sort of bourgeois in American households. Later generations have become spoiled and extremely attached to these new advancements in appliances.

Gino Mrytil, Technology Specialist here at WJPS said, “Today, electronic devices like mobile phones have become the most important things in people’s lives, especially children. They rely heavily on mobile phones not just for the sake of communication like in the old days, but also for the purpose of curing boredom. With the popularity of mobile phones the lifestyles of youngsters have been changed. They can no longer stand a life without the device.”

There is truly no way out of a technological crisis. If technology fails then the world fails. Students depend on their cell phones, televisions and even cars for every aspect of living. This isn’t healthy and isn’t right. When people depend so much on a source of information nothing gets accomplished. The reliance on technology appliances can be a great danger.

For example, take a look at the way students write english in class on a piece of paper. It is at most times quite confusing and words are always misspelled or adjectives are used incorrectly. This is all because of the luxury of spell check.

Mr. Mrytil also said, “There is good and bad side to everything, and technology is not an exception. While technology has made significant advancements and has been beneficial, you can’t disregard the fact that it has also affected businesses, individuals, and society as a whole negatively. For example, if I needed to write a five page essay by next period all I need to do is search for one online.”

According to a website used to show the statistics on teenage use of technology, “93% of teens ages 12-17 go online”. The website also shows that an online gaming site surveyed 600 teens ages 13 to 17 in late April 2010 and found that teens spend two hours per day online on average, 80% of which is spent using a social network.

It turns out that most students feel completely addicted when it comes to technology. Valuable time is being thrown away left and right with the use of technology, especially on online games and on video game playing in general. Statistics from show that ninety-seven percent of young respondents play video games.

The always-connected and always-on world of social media and technology is only expanding which means this addiction is only going to get worse. This isn’t a healthy epidemic, it is actually a detrimental one. The world could no longer be okay if technology fails. People depend on it almost entirely.  A change in technology is equal to a change in living.

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