Publications’ annual carnival raises money for programs

by Giorgina Orofino, news editor


Students stayed up for lunch, focusing on ways to get donations before the carnival took place. They separated into groups in charge of different stations. One group worried about getting a donation of goldfish for the FishPong game, while another

contemplated on what mouth watering snacks would attract the most buyers. As time speeds up, its the morning of the carnival and the dedicated students sit back and watch their hard work unfold into another successful carnival.

“It was a true transformation to see a school gym turn into a Winter Wonderland. It was a great to see the enthusiastic participation by the student body,” Guidance counselor Mr. Lumetta said.

The money from the school’s second carnival still proceeds to the three publications. The Blazer, The Byline and The Highlight have been experiencing difficulty this school year due to budget cuts and the carnival helped the classes raise a total of approximately $3,500.

“This year’s carnival was better because I helped organize it. It was very nerve wracking but I was pleased with the outcome,” senior Selena Romero said.

The carnival had a variety of games such as Fish Pond, Three in a Row and Pie throwing. In addition, there was a wide spread of snacks from warm pizza to Belgian waffles with either chocolate syrup, cherries, whipped cream or powder.
“This year’s carnival was better than last years because I enjoyed competing with my friends in the sack toss and winning candy,” seventh grader Christian Chamberlain said.

The anticipated fall festival that was originally planned for October 30th was postponed to Thursday, February 21st due to the unexpected tragedy of Hurricane Sandy. The Halloween spectacular transformed into a German Winter Wonderland.


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