Survey on best Superbowl commercials of 2013

by George Angelidis, staff reporter

pie chart SuperBowl commercials

Students were given the question, “In your opinion which Superbowl commercial stood out to you the most, and caught your attention?” to see which Superbowl commercial WJPS students enjoyed the most. The survey consisted of the first 40 students to answer.

The most liked commercial was in fact the Doritos, goat 4 sale commercial with 25% of the votes. Coming in a close second was the Taco Bell commercial with 17.5 % of the votes. Third, was the Go commercial with 15%.

“I was in a state of shock when I saw this commercial. I asked my friend, What did we just watch? I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes.” said, freshman Randy Charter after seeing the commercial where an attractive model kissed a tech dork.

Then would come the Oreo commercial with 12.5%. Tied for fifth with each 7.5% of the votes were the Pepsi and the Coca Cola commercials. Finally tied for sixth are the Audi, Tide, NFL commercials, a person would also say that he/she disliked all the commercials with 2.5% of the votes.


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