Teens for Jeans

by Naomi Smith-George, staff reporter

The DO something club is notorious for their community service projects to WJPS. Recently, the DO something club ran their annual community service project, Teens for Jeans issued by DOsomething.org.

DO something.org is a non-profit organization that services community service projects, and encourages schools to work along. Projects that are issued are ones such as park clean-ups, various other projects including widespread clean up, and Teens for Jeans.

In running the Teens for Jeans campaign, the DO something club collected 63 pairs of jeans in total the turnout more successful than the last one that took place last school year.

“I think that this year, the drive turned out a lot more successful than last year. We had a lot of helping hands and donations,” DO Something club President Katherine Eglezos said.

Aeropostale collaborated with DOsomething.org for the camaign Teens for Jeans, something they do every year starting in 2008. Everyone who donated received a 25% discount on their next purchase from Aeropostale. The drive is held from January 11th to February 10th, and all of the donated jeans are then donated to homeless teens Across the country. There are over 1.6 million homeless teens living in shelters and on the streets in America at this moment.


“The most common item asked by homeless teens from orginizations like DOsomething.org and shelters are pairs of jeans,” Eglezos said.

WJPS students were very eager to donate, and received a jeans day pass for donating. Seventh grader Shayan Karim felt it was important to donate to the Teens for Jeans campaign. “I had a lot of jeans that really didn’t fit me anymore so I just decided to donate them to kids that didn’t have any. I felt that it was important to donate because I have gotten things from other people and I was very grateful, so I figured why not do the same thing for someone else,” Karim said.

The WJPS DO something club meets every week on tuesdays during 6th period lunch.


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