Preparing for the SAT

by Ardhys De Leon, staff reporter

Entering junior year, students are offered many ways to study for the SAT with can go from studying from the SAT booklet to a prep course.

Entering junior year, students are offered many ways to study for the SAT with can go from studying from the SAT booklet to a prep course.

It is junior year, SAT are around the corner and students begin to feel the pressure. One girl has to balance school work, extracurricular activities and find a way to prepare herself for one of the most important exam in the high school career, the SAT. As the months change from February to March, she finds herself relieved after having found an outlet that will help her get ready for this crucial exam.

As a way to prepare for the SAT, some students have signed up for the Kaplan course offered at the school. This course runs every Wednesday from 1pm-4pm. This course is convenient because it is in the school, therefore students are more comfortable and know students that are enrolled in the course.

“[I joined this prep course] because I wasn’t doing so well on the PSAT’s and I knew how important SAT’s were and I needed an extra push to help me study,” junior Erica Cantelmi said.

Another prep course is Kennedy Excellence in Flushing, which is run by a former Kaplan SAT prep instructor. This prep runs from 9am-12pm on Saturdays. Students can benefit from this course because it is during the weekend, which means that they won’t have to be rushing home to do homework on a school night.

“This prep works for me because its on Saturdays so it doesn’t interrupt with my busy school schedule, its in a small class and I understand what is happening because my teacher explains it really well,” junior Nicole Valencia said.

Students have also turned to the alternative of studying on their own for the SAT using a preparation book. These books can be found at any local library or bookstore. Students that choose this alternative are able to study for the exam at their own pace and their own time.

“For me this method works since, after doing several practice problems, I’ve realized that I tend to read some questions incorrectly since I always feel that the test is a race for life or death. Also, it has helped me to learn to pace myself which is very important when taking the SAT,” junior Gianfranco Leto said.

With the coming of spring so does the SAT as most juniors prepare to take the exam in May or June. There are many ways to study for this test so students should pick the method that best fits them.


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