A Night of Awards: Oscar recognizes elite of movie industry

by Diego Huerta, staff reporter

The Oscars have always been a night of ceremonies, where movies make history as the they win the same awards other legendary movies did. This year’s selection was anything except predictable. Movies, such as, Silver Linings Playbook, Argo, and Lincoln,  all were potential candidates to win the top awards of best picture, best director, and best actor. This year’s host was Seth MacFarlane, the creator of Family Guy, who brought lots of laughs to the stage.
Steven Spielberg’s film, Lincoln, had the most nominations with 12, giving it a strong chance to win many awards. Lincoln recounts the story of how Abraham Lincoln dealt with the Civil War and slavery. Although Lincoln did not win best picture, Lincoln did win best actor with Daniel Day-Lewis and best production design.
“I saw Lincoln and to be honest I really liked it. I’m not that into movies like that, that are historical but I really enjoyed it,” freshman Ryan Knoetgen said.
Argo was another major candidate in the Oscars. Argo was directed by and starred Ben Affleck which describes the Iran Hostage Crisis. Although this year was a close race it was speculated that Argo would win best picture. To the people’s delight, Argo won best picture, along with best writing and best editing.

“Personally, I thought Argo would win. I saw the movie and it was really good. I thought the movie was tense and exciting and the plot was amazing. I’m glad that Argo won best picture, they deserved it,” senior Francesco Amadeo said.
Jennifer Lawrence won best actress in her role as Tiffany Maxwell in Silver Linings Playbook, a movie that follows a romance between a bipolar man and a sex addict. Silver Linings Playbook became a favorite among many women.
“I saw Silver Linings Playbook and I thought it was good but I didn’t think it was amazing.  I prefered Life of Pi, which was very original and a well done movie,” senior Kathleen Gobin said.
The Oscars is a night where many actors and actresses were praised for their performances in films. There were countless of other movies who won other awards such as Django Unchained and Les Miserables. This year the Oscars were particularly extraordinary due to various films winning different awards.


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