New York Fashion Week Brings the Future to the Presence

by Jamel Rogers, staff reporter

Paparazzi, runway lights, and couture, New York Fashion Week Spring 2013 (NYFW) just wrapped up in NYC where tons of new trends were established. Designers like Marc Jacobs, Nautica, Alexander Wang, Kate Spade, and Richard Chai showed their pieces of couture work for the spring and summer seasons.

Fashion Week is one of the busiest and most exciting times of the year for the fashion world. It’s also the time that people see what’s new and next coming down the runway. NYFW is certainly not for the timid; it has falling models, intimidating street style, and odd runway fashion.

Ralph Lauren showcased his latest fashion design for Spring 2013 at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion show in Bryant Park. Lauren’s designs consisted of mainly outerwear, from flashy peacoats to trimmed knitted pants. These came in various proportions. This season, Lauren’s main colors mostly were black or navy.

Another interesting Part of NYFW is the “Street Style.” Different than London, New York City’s Fashion Week Street Style is notable, and commonly captured by peoples eye. From flashy fur coats, polyester knitted pants, odd spunky hats, and all types of jewelry, there’s all sorts of self-expressive clothing individuals manifest during this time of year.

“My dream is to one day attend Fashion Week, whether it’s in Paris or New York. Style is what expresses one’s individuality, more so Fashion expresses creativity I love it all,” senior, Michelle Rivera said.

“My favorite designer would perhaps be Givenchy simply because his designs are more so my style. If given the opportunity to attend NYFW, I would most definitely go because it’s an exhilarating experience to learn about fashion and the art it has to offer,” freshman, Elijah Harris said.

New York Fashion Week happens twice a year, in February for the Spring and Summer collections and September for the Fall and Winter collections. It’s not just at Bryant Park, but shows are spread all over town with innovative spaces such as galleries in Chelsea, piers on the West Side Highway, and on the Upper East Side.


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