Castle learning: the new possible method

by David Villagra, staff reporter

The new learning method being used by the school is castle learning which is meant to be used for credit repair and to make up any missing work. Castle learning can be the new way for people to make up whatever work they need. It is going to be a useful source for future students. Castle learning is a website where every individual students work is kept and easy to check.

This new online homework assigned method castle learning is quickly becoming the newest most effective way to recover credit. Castle learning has over 1,000,000 student users and over hundreds and thousands of teachers which is increasing all it’s users. This new online method is used to test all contents of learning. The types of content it reaches are classwork, homework assignments, common assessments, and practice on exams also any subject of work.

“ Students can’t lie about work, it helps show your effort, and gives you the credit you deserve. Plus being online shows me what I did and what I need to do also what I need to do better”, said seventh grader Chaiyeon Lee.

Castle learning is also another way to teach students by giving a lot of review and assessments that teachers don’t have enough time to go over in class. Castle learning also serves the purpose of helping to prepare middle school students for high school and any big tests they might take in the future. The lessons are also meant to better students understanding of a particular subject. Every seventh grader in WJPS has been assigned a castle learning account to help prepare them for the English State Test.

Seventh grader Kristina Krslovic said “it helps prepare for the ELA state exam and it provides a more challenging level.”

This switch over to castle learning has helped better and get lessons that teachers don’t have time to teach to their students. With castle learning the teachers job of teaching a whole subject in the time of nine months is easier with online lessons available. With these questions online based on the material the teacher assigns students can learn whatever the teacher may not have time to teach.

Castle learning offers a new way to help students and teachers get their jobs done on both sides by getting all the lessons taught and helping prepare students. These new types of online assigned work websites offer an extra level of learning outside of just the classroom and take teaching to a students home. Also because of online assigned homework there is solid evidence of what work has been done, what time it was done, and how much of the work is completed.

With the addition of online assistance castle learning is very helpful and also offers students the use of the internet to help them find anything they don’t know. Accessing the internet while doing this work also helps to give students all the information the internet has and helps with aiding students with any misunderstood or unknown work.


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