Whoever makes the crime pays the time

by Stephanie Yaipen, staff reporter

       Students who constantly come late or don’t come to school a lot, may be in risk of not being able to graduate. But this school has a Saturday four hour program which is a saturday detention, that enables attendees to make up missed school work, seat time, and missing credits.

      “We do this [the Saturday program] every Spring for either detention, suspension, or to make up time. There are a lot of students who are in danger of not graduating because they have less than 90 percent attendance, and according to the state, students should have a 90 percent attendance to graduate, or get credit. This Saturday program gives students a chance to meet their requirements,” Principal Ms. Schneider said.

    Thanks to Ms. Schneider and Mr. Millman for taking time of their Saturday to come into school and help these kids make up time. Mr Millman is in charge of the class, in which students are assigned a computer to do any work possible.

   “This program benefits the students because they get a chance to make up work and time if they are of track to graduation and its also good for detention,” Dean Mr Millman said.

   “This is a good way for me to get my work done, I get 4 hours to do my work and make up work.” Senior Bayllen Moore said.

       4 Hours counts as a day, and students who are absent a lot will still have their absences but since they attend this program they will have a sheet to fill out to at least show that they have made up the time.

    ‘‘I think this program is fair because in other schools kids don’t get the opportunity to make up latenesses and absences like they do in this school,” Junior Asad Arif said.

      This detention/make up credit class benefits the students in many ways. Thus, the program is not so bad. Students are given a second chance to make up what they need to meet the standards they are required.


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