Tips to Stay Awake in Class

by Yohwan Cha, staff reporter

Untitled drawing-1As his eyes start to get heavier, his neck starts to become weaker, as if it can’t hold up his head anymore. The teacher goes on, for what seems like forever, with his lecture and is like a lullaby to the sleepy student’s senses. He thinks to himself, “I should’ve gone to sleep earlier yesterday night, now I’m stuck in this boring classroom for another 40 minutes. I’ll just close my eyes and rest my head for a few minutes.”

As he wakes up to the sound of the bell, signaling the end of the period, he hears his teacher say, “Okay guys, we have a test tomorrow that will be 40 percent of your grade, and it will be on today’s lesson.” Uh-Oh.

“I think that they’re not responsible of their education,” Junior Steve Zouvelos said

Many students tend to feel drowsy during the school day. This can be the effects of the lack of sleep, or it can simply be because of not eating a good breakfast. There are many ways to prevent the sleep that threatens to attack in the middle of class.

    Sleeping in class leads to many consequences. Some of these may be missing important lectures and notes, missing test dates, not hearing about the homework, not doing classwork, and overall a drop in academic grades.

    “Of course [there is a drop in grades], because they aren’t paying attention in class, and they aren’t learning. Especially if its an exam class, because they need to know the material to pass the test with a higher grade, and they are not applying what they learned,” said English teacher Mr. Cross.

There are some students that won’t even take a person seriously any more because of the amount of times they have slept during class.

“I feel like it is very disrespectful to the teacher and it is an act of laziness and lack of care for your own personal educational well-being”, said Junior Nikitas Tromouhis.

“A student sleeping can affect the general mood of the class, because if some people want to rest and they see someone sleeping, they would want to rest”, Mr. Cross adds.


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