Students get a glimpse of a career in journalism

by Katherine Capulong, staff reporter

    A small group of students, along with their newspaper supervisor Ms. Sackstein recently took a field trip to the News Corporation building in Manhattan and met up with their Wall Street Journal (WSJ) mentors. The students were taken on a tour of the WSJ’s inner workings and were addressed by their staff.

    In the conference room, Jenny Strasburg, a reporter for the WSJ, told the story of how she became a journalist; from writing in her middle school newspaper to her internships and to the present, loving her present job.  She commented that she enjoys the social aspect of interviewing those who work in business and finance for the highly regarded publication.

“I find that I always learn something new when meeting new people and new journalists. Being able to meet real reporters at the Wall Street Journal was definitely a great learning experience in general,” senior Naomi Smith George said.

During the tour, the staff delved into the history of the WSJ, and how it has progressed.  Over the years, the blocks of text have become text with pictures and the Internet has allowed them to stream live broadcasts. It’s become more accessible and even writes lifestyle pieces, while still staying true to its original brand.  WSJ in its time has been the publisher of over 30 Pulitzer winning pieces and prominently displays the awards in a hall in which the walls are covered in text from their paper, as seen and described on the tour.

“It was very exciting to be in the studio and watch journalists working right in front of you.  I also liked the hall where you saw the progression of the newspaper over time,” junior Alexander Mildener said.


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