The atmosphere within a bubble

by Blazer staff

    As much as a school could be small, it’s atmosphere really isn’t. The concept of connectedness, union-ship, and prosperity has slipped the minds of students. Students have to remember to come back to the cold hard facts of education, such as its definition the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction. This definition isn’t meaningless; there is a spiritual aspect of education that students don’t seem to take notice in, especially in this day and age. If today’s youth students seek no wholeness or meaning for education, what would happen if they did?

    A small school like this could exceed higher standards if students would just open their minds to accept, or even value, more physical, mental, and spiritual knowledge and skills. This idea presents knowledge within cultural and temporal contexts, rather than as facts to be memorized or meaningless concepts to be followed. Small schools can emphasize inter-relationship and inter-connectedness within every class. This could possibly challenge students to find their own place in space and time.

    “Spirituality is something I feel is important to include in schooling. It’s important to be able to connect effectively to school work and also the environment of school. I never understood why students look at learning like such a bore. I feel that there are different ways of going about learning, and connecting to each other is how we should do it,” senior Andleeb Khushnood said.

Even though the idea of separation still exists within an enclosed area, it seems a little weird. But why must it be this way; should students blame it on society for their curriculum? Could it be what students learn and how their attitudes could disrupt their learning process? Connect the two spiritual understanding of education and plain education; which is more likely to be successful? School should be a place where everyone can come together and spend time with one another, learning, growing, and becoming more of an adult in time. It’s suppose to be about living off each other and taking in life’s basic lessons, then learn to expand on that with the use of education.

When incorporating spirituality into a classroom, students overall attitudes toward the school bubble soon makes a complete turn around.  Students should start really caring about the world that surrounds them, instead of the air that surrounds one in their own bubble.

    Author, educator, and activist who focuses on issues in education, community, leadership, spirituality and social change, Parker J. Palmer once said, “What transforms education, is a transformed being in the world.”

    According to Hent,  “Compulsive or reckless activity, substance abuse, and empty sexuality can result from students trying to escape the pain of an inner emptiness. In the classroom this can manifest as lack of interest, lack of self-worth, lack of compassion, lack of self-discipline and lack of spirit.”

The website also stated “A more ‘soulful’ education seeks to open the mind, warm the heart and awaken the spirit of each student. It would provide opportunities for students to be creative, contemplative, and imaginative. It allows time to tell old and new stories of heroes, ideals and transformation. It encourage students to go deep into themselves, into nature, and into human affairs. It values service to others and the planet”.

Now just think: if this school applied a more diverse and unique aspect of learning, then students would begin to view their learning experiences as more of a privilege. Schools should begin to challenge the process of the educational experience. Education is something that is engraved into society today, and it is the most important thing that the youth of this nation has.

    “Misguided, or unconscious attempts by students to attain some sense of fulfillment often result in varying degrees of addictive behavior toward activities, substances or relationships – all of which make teaching and learning difficult, if not impossible.” If this school begins to intertwine spirituality into the school atmosphere, students will begin to find some sort of wholeness out of their educational experience.


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