Emma Watson: The Fame Continues

by Colleen Fox, entertainment editor

    After a child star has their run, usually their careers are history. But there are a few who start out as children and their careers continue into adulthood. That seems to be the case for Emma Watson, who is still going strong after her legacy as Hermione Granger.

    Starting her career at age 9, Emma Watson was cast for the role of a lifetime as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter franchise. She instantly became a household name. However, otherwise speculated, this teenage star continues to rise to fame in many different films.

    “Harry Potter is my favorite movie and I was really glad to see that both Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe had major roles in [the] films,” senior Kathleen Gobin said.

    My Week with Marilyn was the first non Harry Potter film she was in to hit the big screen. Alongside Les Miserables star Eddie Redmayne, she played a minor role as a wardrobe assistant who the protagonist falls for by the end of the film.

    Emma Watson also landed the role as Sam in the coming of age story, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, which is the movie adaption to the critically acclaimed novel by Stephen Chbosky, that warmed the hearts of many teenagers. With this role, fans realized that Emma Watson was not just a burnout after Harry Potter, and would continue to be on the big screen.

    For the future, Emma Watson will be seen in the well anticipated movie The Bling Ring, which follows a group of teenagers who stalk celebrities in order to rob their home. Also, she’ll make an appearance in This is the End, a comedy about the apocalypse.

Keep following Emma Watson and her upcoming movies here.


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