Why Just Live When Ruling Is An Option

by Jamel Rogers, staff reporter  

Joe is sick of dealing with his depressed father after the death of Joe’s mother. Patrick’s parents have been getting him down. Sounds like the beginning of a typical teen comedy, but The Kings of Summer, which debuted at Sundance, is much more than that.

This is a coming of age story that calls back to certain tendencies from ’80s teen movies like popularity issues, setting, and theme. Yet it has a personality of its own as Joe, Patrick, and a strange friend make their own home as as summer blooms.

    Nick Robinson, Gabriel Basso, and Moises Arias play the lead trio of characters who escape to the woods where they can barrel into adulthood without parents consent or needing.

    “I’m not necessarily into movies about teens, and etc. But this movie looks like a comedy and really interesting, I’m willing to see it,” senior Michelle Rivera said.

Whether the preference is adventure, thriller, horror, or even actions, Kings of Summer is a movie for all audiences, proving that summer shouldn’t be boring and should be spent the way intended. The Kings of Summer opened on 31st in selected cities and is still in theaters.

“I’m a bit unfamiliar with this specific type of movie but after personally watching the trailer and seeing previews about it, it looked interesting and I will be attending the movies sooner than later to watch,” sophomore Natalie Kalamaras said.

Kings Of Summer Trailer can be found here.


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