Missing her

by Evan Rodriguez, staff writer

Her and I together

are hearts tethered,

brings the sunshine

to my bad weather.

Come night time

sneak out after nine,

simple lines even my most

complex rhymes couldn’t

define the feeling that

floats around my mind.

Something so true it’s sublime,

a love so truly blind,

so time and time again,

I’ll be there like I was then

and I’ll never forget when

and where we began

all the nights without a plan,

like the pool and after dark,

in the park under the stars,

where we promised to never part.

When you did it left a horrible mark,

that is depicted so subtle,

now in all my art.

It came as I was falling apart,

a fire of different sensation sparked.

This was the end to a life

of fights and sins delights.

But some like tonight,

she haunts the corners of my sight.

With her i did right.

The world now I see nothing is nice.


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