What many don’t know about England: 11 fun facts

by Ardhys De Leon, editor-in-chief

1. England, along with the U.K. (United Kingdom), uses the currency of pounds, not Euros, according to statravel.

2. There are 10 U.S states that are larger than England, as stated by Answerbar.

3. According to Eupedia,, the class system is made up by one’s background (such as family, manners, etc), instead of money.

4. Gun laws are very strict in England. So much so, that the pistols used in the Olympics are now banned. Most guns are used by federal authorities, including the queen’s guards, according to Boston Globe.

5. According to eupida,  England’s first language was French.

6. In Britain, tax is almost always incorporated into the quoted price of the item, making it seem like there isn’t a sales tax, according to Fodors.

7. According to ProjectBritain, England is not the U.K.It is a country that is within the U.K., along with other nations like Scotland and Wales.

8. London was the first city in the world to have an underground subway, as stated in Itmuseum.

9.  The queen owns all the swans, therefore no one is allowed to eat swans besides her, according to britainexplorer.

10. England is the home of many pebble beaches, like that of Brighton, which is one of the most famous. The location of these beaches can be found on here.

11. There was an hour film made of David Beckham sleeping and it was displayed in at the National Portrait Gallery in London, according to BBC News.


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