In-Depth Look at Adelphi University

by Nicole Valencia, staff reporter

Caption: Adelphi campus. Photo by Gabriela Mora

Caption: Adelphi campus. Photo by Gabriela Mora

Samantha Fors, the Senior Assistant Director of Admissions at Adelphi University, came to the school to speak about the University to high school seniors. Here are the nuts and bolts of the institution from the undergraduate admission counselor herself.

Location: Garden City, NY

Type: Private Liberal Arts

Population: 5000 undergraduates, Samantha Fors calls it the “small end of medium.”

Average Financial Aid: 19,000

Tuition: 30,800

“[This is] the cheapest tuition in the area,” Guidance Counselor Lumetta, said.


  • Commuter Friendly

  • Train station on the corner of the university

  • 23 miles from Manhattan

  • Half hour traffic to arrive there by driving from Queens making it a commuter friendly school

Fast Facts:

  • 20 students per class, with more advanced classes having 10-12

  • 80+ different clubs

  • Division II school

  • Job Fairs are held for students at the beginning of every semester

  • Has a global scholars program in which students do community service and get an international edge

  • Listed as Best Buy in higher education for 7 straight years in Fiske’s Guide to Colleges who according to the publisher are chosen “by considering the institutions’ academic ratings, pricing and student quality of life on campus.”

What the University Looks for In an Applicant:

  • 3.0 GPA

  • 1500 SAT (All 3 sections combined)

  • 21 out of 22 for ACT

  • Submit a Resume

  • Merit based scholarships start at 3.1 GPA

  • Application fee of $40

Highlights of Adelphi’s Various Academic Schools:

  • College of Arts and Sciences is the biggest on campus with the most student enrollment

  • College of Advanced Psychological Studies has a counseling hub and research for psychology majors as well as making internships mandatory

  • Honors College is close knit, prestigious and to get in students must have a 3.6 GPA, 1900 SAT and strong verbal score

  • School of Education has a children’s school with a 5 year program for a master’s degree and 4 for a bachelor’s

  • Business School has top international accreditation and students can earn their masters in 5 years as opposed to 6

  • Adelphi has a University College which is Adelphi’s College for working adults

  • The university also has a Nursing School and a School of Social Working

More information can be found here.


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