NBA 2k14: Game on Replay

by  Raj Vaidya and Chris Petronella, staff reporters

Basketball is one of the most common sports in America.

Basketball is one of the most common sports in America.

Basketball is one of the most top rated sports in the United States. Therefore, it makes sense for huge video game companies like Visual Concepts to model their games around this rapid, fast-paced sport.

All in all, their efforts have been a success hit. However, with the addition of 2K’s new “NBA2K14,” the game just feels like another repeat of their many other basketball games- another sad excuse for a video game and an utter waste of money.

This year, NBA 2K14 has supposedly stepped up their game with their addition of “stunning graphics” and “newly enhanced gameplay.”  However, the only addition was the perfecting of Lebron James’ hairline.

In fact, NBA2K’s preceding game (NBA 2K13), had almost the same feeling as 2K14. The updated roster is great, however, at a hefty price of 65 dollars, it simply isn’t worth it. In essence, the only “real” changes made were some lousy control rearrangement that actually worsened the gameplay.

“There weren’t too many big improvements since 2K13, and many features I actually enjoyed like coach feedback were taken out of the game,” freshman Mohammed Shah, said.

Aside from its lack of updates, Lebron James is being idolized far too much throughout this game. He isn’t even close to done with his basketball career yet and they’re merely focusing on him throughout the entirety of this game. Although he may be a legendary player, he isn’t the only basketball player out there and it’s unfair for 2K to base their entire game around one NBA player.

Circling the game around Lebron is an absurd idea and in my opinion it’s downright crazy. In fact, these guys have gone to the extent of awarding Lebron with a 99 percent overall average and in the game, he can supposedly play every position, when in reality, he is only best fit for the small forward position.

The choice of music in NBA 2K14 is also a huge problem. Rumor has it that Lebron James actually picked the songs in the game. Although Kanye West and Jay-Z can usually cover the whole game with just their songs, when songs like “Blurred lines” by Robin Thicke and “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk are added, one tends to lose interest amongst the gaming community.

The NBA 2K series is clearly starting to lose its steam, as it’s slowly running out of new material to incorporate into their games. At a price of 65 dollars, this game doesn’t come cheap and for something thats almost the exact copy of the preceding version, its a complete waste of money.

2K is ripping the money right out of people’s pockets by promising gamers with new experiences and gameplay when in reality, nothing has changed.

In reality, this game really isn’t worth the money, and buying the older game is the cheaper and more sensible way to go.


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