Limited time: A new way to study for the SATs

by Ardhys De Leon, Editor-in-Chief


SAT online course is offering students a deal. This can benefit juniors who plan to take their SATs in the spring and for seniors who want to retake the exam. Photo by Jody Yip.

With college a few months away, seniors are encouraged to retake their SATs for a chance to get a higher score. There are different ways to study, from a prep course, to hiring a tutor, to studying from an SAT prep book. Now, the college board is offering different way to study, at an affordable place, for a limited time.

College Board (CB) is offering an online SAT course, which consists of lessons and auto essay scoring. This course is personalized and can be adapted to fit one’s schedule. There is also a free tour available to those who are interested in the course and would like to try it out before making a final decision.

At this moment there is a 20% off discount on the course which is originally $65.95 and is now $59.96; so students can earn $10.95. To get this offer students can use the promo code provided via email from the college board or they can purchase The Official SAT Study Guide along with the course.

“I would take this course because it’s personalized. Last year I took Kaplan and it didn’t help me out because of this, but I think this course would cater to my needs better,” senior Leeann Nardella, said.

Taking the SATs more than once can benefit seniors who did not do as well when they took the course during their junior year and would like another chance. However, before signing up for the course and the exam, students should verify college’s policy on the SATs. To find out more about this students can go on the college board website.


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