Unwelcome Ghost

by Adva Fuchs, staff reporter

August heat radiates

through the open windows of the small, simple apartment.

The dry heart all too familiar a feeling,

I address the face staring back at me,

straight lines and dark eyes.

No emotion

as he preciously holds my mother, ironically

to his heart.

He leans back onto the white linens hung to dry

startlingly bronze in comparison

His face, oh so serious,

an actor in more ways than one.

A specter waiting to be discovered,

but a spectator in the lives of others

Too serious to be the man I grew up loving,

perfectly suited to the man the family now ignores.

Your well known smile,

absent as you hold your only daughter? My mother?

Grandfather, why? How can I love a man,

my family despises?

Even the shadows

no longer hold your presence, as if

a ghost.


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