Calling all professionals

by Ardhys De Leon, Editor-in-Chief

When children are growing up they often aspire to be firefighters, police officers and doctors; along with other occupations. However, many of them often switch their aspirations due to lack of information. Talking to professionals can fix this problem, as it helps shape a student’s career path.

“Talking to these people shows the students all the opportunities they have and [gives them an idea] of what they want to be in the future,” sophomore Elijah Harris said.

Career Day is a day that allows students to get insightful information on specific careers of interest. The school is recruiting parents and professionals to participate in this event. Occupations can vary and there can be many of one; giving students a variety of perspectives.

This event will take place on Wednesday November 20, from 8am to 9:30am/10:00am. There will be breakfast provided, courtesy of the PTA. Professionals will be escorted by the Student Ambassadors to the library, where the breakfast will be held.

After the breakfast, ambassadors will escort the professionals through classes. They will be able to speak and interact with students about their career as well as answer questions. All careers are encouraged, as well as quick activities that can give students a better understanding.

Those who are interested in participating in this event can contact the President of the Student Ambassadors, Salvatore Pitino at Please be sure to provide a phone number, email address, full name and description of a field of expertise.


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