by Mohammed Kazmi, staff reporter

Left or Right?

Yes or no?

Live or Die?

Truth or Lie?

Fall or Soar?

Innocence or Gore?

Life is nothing more than choice.


The choices we take

create the life we make

for god’s sake

all this is fake.


This world suffocates the breath slowly away from me

Killing my individuality



My mind becomes a battlefield;


Scattered emotions rattling around.


“Get over it.”

“Depression is fake.”

“Stop being childish.”

The world presumes depression isnt real, like a game.

You spin the wheel and play it.

No, depression is very real.

The cold hand creeping into the back of your head.

The unsatisfactory feeling relentlessly doing work.

The plain slated emotionless expression on your face

tells it all.

No matter how much you tell yourself you’re okay

behind those teeth that fake smile…

You’re broken.



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