The Phantom

by Katherine Capulong, entertainment editor

Swiping the air and surveying the room,

Examining the air cold as a tomb.

I swear I saw something, I saw something move!

Explain it away, tell me a lie that will soothe,

the nerve endings in my body, all alive and aware,

Frightened of all the space, the nothing, the air

There! Did you see that?  Did you see that phantom smile?

It just passed by, the ghost of affections defiled

With hormones outracing the heart

But the phantom signs and signals still dart

In and out of sight, reminding me of how chained

Romeo is, handcuffed to that prude in the least fun way

That little innocent girl who actually really exists

On her presence, which I can see

That Romeo touches and feels

Knowing of her makes me reel

But I don’t reel with the paroxysm
That I do when I’m grasping at straws

Evidence of the phantom obligating the laws

Of my inside to feel how I feel when I know what I know

Never will I betray my brain and soul

But what if it’s a goof?

What if I need a diagnosis?

What if he’s just aloof,

and an action would be atrocious?

There’s a boundary, there’s a line

Do I dare cross it,

Sail to a point of no return for

what is phantom in facet?

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