Skate the weight off the legs

by Christopher Petronella, staff reporter

Skate 3 is an example of what a real skateboard experience is all about,  minus the repercussions. Skate 3 is the third addition to EA’s success of a skateboarding simulator. With its cool edgy graphics and the semi-realistic injuries, Skate 3 demonstrates an excellent example of how a video game should be made.

This game is more relaxing than any other game out there. It takes a break from the first person shooters genre and focuses more on an easy going fun game. The game starts off by making a character and being able to adjust what they wears, and how they maneuvers on the skateboard.

After the character is made, the gamer is able to freely roam around different areas, or even complete challenges or missions. The player is able to create their own skateboarding team with their own brand, and custom players. This team is used to verse other big brands in the skateboarding industry, and increase the player’s popularity throughout.

“Personally, the graphics in this game are more realistic and it looks less animatronic character movements. I also really like how the personalization features are much more detailed than any other skate games,” junior Zachary Damasco said.

The controls are excellent, and very responsive. Players are able to use the right analog stick to form a motion in what trick the player wants to perform. While performing a simple ollie, the player must jerk the analog stick down to crouch and the jerk it up. The game also includes a online mode where players are able to skate together in a specific skating area.

“I love this game, I used to always play this game. I would make my character look like me. What I usually do is I play online with some of my friends and we would skate around,” junior Anthony Panio said.

Skate 3 is an example of how a skating simulator should be made. With its realistic graphics and responsive controls, Skate 3 rules over other games. Since there were no announcements of new skate games, Skate 3 is probably the last of the series. Although the price is around twenty to thirty dollars, the game is definitely worth a buy.


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