Free credits offered by College Now

by Alice Mungyu and Ruchi Vaidya, staff reporters

College Now offers students the opportunity to take college-level classes with at little cost to them. According to the College Now website, courses are distributed throughout more than 350 NYC high schools.

This unique opportunity enrolls close to 20,000 students annually. The program  gives students a chance to experience the vigorous and challenging courses such as Psychology 101, Fitness Through Exercise and Weight Loss, and other ranging courses catering to any student’s interest.

“With every topic we learned, we learned the reason behind things and we really we went in depth with the information taught. I feel this way because I have noticed that I picked up on the information in the course and I actually know and understand the information,” senior Melissa Bisram from Benjamin Cardozo High School said.

These courses can benefit students because it allows them to gain extra knowledge on the course they feel strongly about, as well as a great way to earn extra college credits.

“One of the most popular College Now course is the FNES 30 course, or the Fitness Through Diet and Exercise,” coordinator of the Queens College Now program Marci Goodman said.

The goal of this program is to strive to and increase the number of participants from middle- to low-achieving high schools in traditionally undeserved neighborhoods. Any 10th, 11th and 12th grade students are eligible to attend these course, as well as look into other CUNY resources that are available.

“I can say with confidence that, when this class terminates, my classmates and I will leave with knowledge that will influence our everyday actions and choices,” junior Gabby Eng from Francis Lewis High School said. “This class has been very useful to me and is already impacting the way I think and the decisions I make.”

Applications can be found on the CUNY website and for more information, can obtained from Mr. Lumetta, the guidance counselor.


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