Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

Your March 7th opinion article, “Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: This must end” has many factual errors and oversimplifies the conflict without presenting evidence that is easily available on the web.

The statement that “Britain decided to turn most of Palestine into a Jewish state named Israel” is untrue. In 1947 the United Nations voted to divide Palestine into two states. Most of the land was to become an Arab state, with a smaller percentage of the land to be used to form Israel. Israel accepted this two state solution. It was the surrounding Arab world that rejected this and declared their desire to destroy Israel.

Your article also states that “the Holocaust is not a legitimate reason to give a religion their own country.” The right of the Jews to their ancient homeland transcends the holocaust and is rooted in history, and can be found in the Book of Genesis, which existed long before the Nazis. The archaeological evidence found in Israel dating back thousands of years proves that this area is the original homeland of the Jewish people. The article also does not share the fact that there is complete freedom of religion in Israel today. There are synagogues, churches and mosques all over Israel, each run by their own religions. The article also fails to mention that in most Arab countries, it is against the law to have a synagogue or a church.

Another false statement in your article says “Palestinian people have no voice”.  In Israel, the Palestinians have the right to vote and there are Palestinian members in the Israeli Knesset (Parliament). There are many Palestinians who have stated that they have greater rights and more economic opportunity in Israel than in any other Arab country.

Accusing Israel of “segregation” is not a valid argument when it is known to have of rescued tens of thousands of black Jews from Ethiopia who are welcomed there. That argument is an insult to the victims and heroes of the struggle who fought segregation in the United States and South Africa.

To state that “Israel’s nuclear arsenal is the main reason Iran and other countries are pursuing nuclear weapons” is simplistic and untrue. For so many years, Israel has had to live under constant threat by nations like Iran who seek nothing else but to destroy a peaceful country and its people. It is because of the constant threat of annihilation, like the 6 million men, women, and children of the Holocaust, that Israel stays strong enough to defend itself.


Kyle Sandor, Junior

Dear Editor,

In my opinion, I think “The Blazer” newspaper and the website are fantastic! You’ve add many facts of what’s happening in WJPS and the world! Especially for New York City, the empire state. Keep up the good work, pub people! Because so far, I am loving it in the sixth grade!

Leah Jamie Leanne Leem, 6th grader.

Dear Editor,

I am simply astonished however congenial to see my publications displayed on the official website for The Blazer, for the general public to read. I’ve been contributing articles since I was a mere six grader.
I’ve solved dilemmas occurring around WJPS, and informed worldwide predicaments. Each and every day my writing is being known beyond our school doors.
Hopefully, one day I’ll be qualified to take on the extraordinary role as Editor-in-Chief of The Blazer. Much appreciated, from a fellow contributing reporter.

Esther Animalu, 7th grader.

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