Uniforms and their affect on students

by Mohammed Kazmi, staff reporter


Uniforms have become a necessity in the school. Many students say uniforms are a way of keeping everyone equal without any fights or hassle over wearing brand name clothing to school everyday. But in some aspects, school uniform is restricting students from expressing themselves.

“I don’t like uniforms, because I don’t see a reason for uniform. I don’t like the WJPS pants. The uniform is the school’s way of trying to keep us together; however the uniform does not unify us,” junior Jason Chen said.

The plain navy colored shirts with the dull fading white letters and the rough construction worker like pants aren’t exactly the most comfortable.

“The uniform is so uncomfortable, and the tags on the neck are really disturbing, it makes it hard to concentrate. The [material] they use should be softer,” junior Jason Chen said.

School’s always push students to be creative and find what they want to do in life and pursue their desires. However, wearing uniform is not only contradictory in comparison to the school’s statement, but restricts students from expressing their true colors.

Once one gets passed past the tough textured pants, dulled out letters and shirts that get exponentially smaller every time they go into the wash, price comes into the equation.

Uniforms have continued to become expensive throughout the years and a single student usually has to buy 5 pants and shirts. According to Ideal Uniform the total cost of this set for just one student totals to about, $164.95/ student.

“School T-shirts are $15! I can get T-shirts for half that price,” junior Zachary Damasco said.

Although uniforms’ intended effect is to unify student and restrict inequality and fights from occurring, they have resulted in the opposite.


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